Monday, July 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Today you get two posts from me. Scroll down for today's cards and instructions.
I've been tagged! Acording to the rules I have to give you 7 random things about me, Tag 7 people and leave them a comment that they have been tagged.

7 Random things about me:
1. I am 9 years older than me WONDERFUL husband!
2. I used to teach music in the Catholic School systems in Toledo, Ohio.
3. I no longer hate living in the state of Oklahoma.
5. I can also crochete. I have made a blanket for each of my children.
6. I have been a proud member of the mini van club for 4 months now. One day hope to be a full-fledged soccer mom.
7. I like to read. I am now re-reading the Potter books before my new book 7 arrives on Saturday.

I know the rules state that I am supposed to tag 7 more bloggers. I hate to be the one to break the chain. I know part of the purpose is to learn more about other people. I guess if I listed 8 things about me, the last would say that I like to tell people about me, but hate to ask strangers about themselves. I have only been blogging for two weeks now and don't know anyone else. Maybe I will tag people another time, for now please settle for learning about me.

OMG! I just saw that my counter went from 29 to 98 in one day. I thank all who are visiting. I will trace some of them back and tag some people for tommorow.

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