Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The people behind the scenes

Yesterday I shared a little about my roommates from Leadership Conference.  Today I want to share a few tidbits about the people who make Stampin' Up! such a great company to represent.
First is Shelli the CEO of Stampin' UP!  She is the most down to earth person to meet.  You can tell she truly cares about the demonstrators every time she speaks with us.  I couldn't imagine a more wonderful person starting this company.
Next is our Chief Financial Officer, Scott Nielsen, and our Marketing Manager Spencer Willis.  These two made the financial overview of the company so enjoyable to hear.  Scott dressed as Mr. Roger's, singing the opening theme song to the classic TV hit and even changed his jacket and shoes.  Scott has us all laughing as he came on stage as Mr. McFealy, with a Speedy Delivery for us.

At a Stampin' Up! Event even the home office gets in on the fun.  Each opening session they line the hallways and clap for us as we rush in to get good seats.  No picture as I was rushing to get to mine.  It makes you feel like a big celebrity.  Many of the fine men and women who work for Demonstrator Support and other departments at the home office, put in the extra time to prepare a dance to get us all energized for Leadership.  Their fearless leader was Donna Griffiths from the home office in Utah.

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