Saturday, February 25, 2012

Odd Job for the Big Shot

This one is not a paper crafting projects, but still a really great use of my Stampin' Up! tools.  My daughters teacher asked the other day if I could cut her some foam circles.  The kids use them in class for their math lessons.  (Don't ask me how.  I am not sure).  I of course replied that I have something that could easily cut her a bunch of circles.
I went home and pulled out my Big Shot.  The foam she gave me was about 1/8" thick.  It came in small sheets.  I cut the foam into strips with my scissors then used the Circles #2 Original Die to cut them with the big shot.  So easy and saved her a ton of money over buying the ones at the teacher supply store.  The die will cut 4 circles of different sizes.  I used the second smallest one.  I did them in 4 different colors so the kids can do different values for each color.

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