Friday, August 14, 2009

Stamping Idols

Over me years as a demo there are many people I have come to respect for their talent, humor, and opinion. Most of these people I know from SCS, but have never met in person. Until convention. The coolest thing happened. I was standing around, somewhat dancing (bobbing to the music), and still in shock from the fact I was actually at convention and the first session was about to begin. I was taking it all in and watching all the swapping going on. All of a sudden, someone noticed my SCS name tag. She made a comment, trying to figure out who I was. Little ole' me, nobody important....look over and whos nametag was in front of me.....JANTINK. For those of you who frequent SCS, you can imagine my excitement. At this point, I scared the ever living daylights out of this person. I was so flustered normal speech was not coming out of my mouth and I was in total crazy girl mode. I was talking a mile a minute and praising her for all she has contributed to the stamping world. I think I would have been no more looney had Brad Pitt been standing in front of me.

Jan was so wonderful. She is humble to say the least and is sort of used to people loosing their mind when they first meet her. I got to meet her upline and thanked her for bringing Jan's talent to SU! The next day I calmly went over to her and appologized for my craziness and asked to take a picture with her. I am still blushing at my loss of all control in meeting one of my Stamping Idols. These women have helped me develop my stamping ability over the last few years. If I ever get the chance to walk on the stage for my accomplishments, it will be because of the help they are so willing to give other SU! demos.

As said before, it was my first trip to convention. Each year I read the threads on SCS as people are reporting the convention happenings. It was so different to actually be there. One of my favorite parts of convention were the walks across stage. Some of them are for things all demos can achieve by just sticking around long enough. I look forward to walking when I officially reach my 5 year mark. But most of the walks are for achievments you WORK HARD for. These would be people who sell lots in one year, recruit new demos and have career sales that are HIGH. While waiting for the doors to open for general session on the last day, I bumped into Mary Polcin. Mary was the first demonstrator to reach career sales of $1 million for Stampin' Up! It may be years till I reach that kind of level, but it gave me something to reach for. When we took the picture I made a comment that the next picture I take with her will be on stage at a future convention. She said there was no reason that could not happen if I put my mind to it and I believe her. (I learned from my JanTink experience and did my best to not scare Mary)

I sat down for final session and made a list of my goals for this year. It is all I have been thinking about for a week now. I have been redeveloping my workshops, incentives, and business structure. If you want to help me acheive those goals through ordering Stampin' Up! products, hosting a workshop with a fun Stampin' Up! experience for you and your friends, or joining my growing team, let me know. I will be contacting many of my past customers, hostesses and friends, but would love to hear from new people who want to be a part of the great experience of Stampin' Up!
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