Friday, August 28, 2009

More Bears

The dies that are available for the Build-A-Bear give you many options for clothes and costumes. When I first worked with the dies it was easiest to use the clothes just as shown in the catalog examples. I cut out a bunch of the bears in a few different shades and sat them on my work table. As I needed some of the basic clothes I would cut an entire die out of that color. I put the extra clothes pieces in a pile on my work table.

At one point I looked over and something caught my eye. The little skirt was just sitting the right way. It kept reminding me of a little tennis skirt. I used the basic clothes from the main die. I hand cut her a little pink racket. The hat is actually from the little boy die. I cut the hat so it looked like a sun visor. Adding a little faux stitching with my Pixie Pink Marker gives her a little pop to her clothes. Her tenis ball is made with the crop-a-dile hole punch. I tied her shoes with a piece of silver cord.

My kids have a Build-A-Bear from the store. When we get the chance to go to the mall, we look at new clothes. It seems to me like most of the outfits my kids like for their bears have a pair of shorts. The basic clothes die comes with a pair of pants. A quick little snip, snip and presto......shorts. Build-A-Bear sells some cute seasonal bears. They have shapes of color in the fur. They can be leaves, stars, or whatever else fits that time of year. I wanted to try a bear similar to these. Using the sponge daubers I stamped on some Real Red and Brilliant Blue random dots. I call him my little American Graffiti Bear. The hat is from the little boy bear accessory sizzlet die.

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