Tuesday, October 23, 2007

portable ribbon storage

On my desk I have a series of drawers. A drawer for adhesive items, a drawer for wheels, a drawer for cutting and altering items, a drawer for neutral scraps, 2 drawers for colored scraps, and a drawer for eyelets, brads and ribbon. My ribbon collection is growing beyond it's drawer. Each time I want one I have to rumage through the drawer to find it. Then wind the roll back up. My drawer is overfilling with embelishments and it has been time to find a new storage solution for some time.
I was at Walmart yesterday. My DH and I had taken a short cut through the household area to go to the hardware department for lightbulbs. On my way down the isle I glanced over and saw this cute little bit, the perfect size for my ribbon rolls. I especially like that I can see through the side and see what I have or what I am running low on. The top folds shut to keep everything clean and dust free. You can also stack several of the bins on a shelf. I only got one to try it out, but see more in my future. It fits the grosgrain rolls perfectly. The smaller rolls fit well, I simply put another roll in sideways to help hold the rolls in place. Best part.....this stylish bin was less than $2. It will also easily fit into a rolling bag to go to a crop or on vacation.

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