Friday, October 12, 2007

2nd to a fire

I don't normally post personal things, but I didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you or fell from the earths surface. My computer died yesterday. To the point where we had to wipe the drive and start over. I have NOTHING. No files, no pictures, no checkbook, no ideas, no workshop directions for projects, nothing. No address files, no flyers for promotion the church craft fair I am in charge of in 3 weeks, no web sites or passwords in my favorites. No tax estimates for the business this year. No internal wireless card. nothing. It is all gone. I am half way through loading programs so I can even start to rebuild my files.
The only thing that could have been worse at this point is to have actually had a fire in our house. At least I do have all of my possessions. And though it is going to take awhile I can rebuild my computer. Most everything can be found again. The only thing I can't replace is all the pictures I took the last year. (Back up your files folks) We know we should, but we don't always do that till it is too late.
The good side. My harddrive has tons of room. It works a little faster without all that crap you never use in the way. A full system scan doesn't take very long now. I can have all the excitement and fun of searching on SCS for all the tips and ideas I had found once before.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I hope you find time to stamp something beautiful.

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