Sunday, October 7, 2007

Going Pink!

I wanted to let any stamping sisters I may have with Breast Cancer know that I support you and wish you well. For this reason, I have gone pink for the month of October. I send you my wishes, prayers, or congratulations depending on the stage you are in or celebrating recovery from. I have been blessed to not have any family history of breast cancer. My DH cannot say the same. Those of you who battle with this are stronger than I could ever be and I commend you for that.
While at HL the other day shopping for some fabric and ribbon (for Christmas wreaths not stamping...shhhh don't tell the ribbon), I saw a wonderful little stamp of a cause ribbon. Though I don't know anyone personally with breast cancer, I do know LOTS of women who are lucky enough to be married to the wonderful men of our armed services. Being one myself, we are a strong group (as strongly bonded as stampers) who stick by each others side in good and bad. Over the years we change units and maybe towns from one another, but always try to keep in touch. I know several ladies who have deployed or soon to be deployed husbands. So, long story short, I thought I would use my new ribbon stamp to make cards for some of them this month. The yellow ribbon is our symbol of support. We collectively pray for the safe return of our men (and women) who serve our great country. I have been working on past SCS sketch challenges. #94 was the perfect layout for a quick little card of support.
The star in the lower right corner is punched to show the insert where you can write a short message. The one in the upper left corner is on a dimensional. The rest of the card is fairly self explanatory. The second picture shows how the card opens in the middle.
Please consider going pick this month to show support for the women battling breast cancer. Also remember those who wait patiently here while our loved ones do the job they were asked to do.

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