Sunday, September 9, 2007

Are you ribbon bow challenged?

I have a hard time getting my bows just right. One loop ends up larger than the other. I accidentally pull the bow apart when attaching it to my cards. If you like to put bows on your project, but have a problem with making them just right the "Adjustable Bowmaker" is perfect for you too.
My mom bought me one and it sat on my shelf for weeks. I figured I am making acceptable bows. Sometimes I like to wrap the ends of my ribbon around the cardstock and tie the ends into a bow. They come out fine. Other times I add a bow on top of a piece of ribbon. These always look a little funny. I have larger fingers and making small bows is hard for me. There are other times when I just want a bow all by itself. I used to punch a couple of holes in the paper and tie the bow on. No more need for lopsided bows now. I can't believe I waited to try this gift from mom.

With the "Adjustable Bowmaker" I can make bows in many sizes with different size ribbon. Because of the way it ties the ribbon on, the front of the bow has a nice clean finish look to it. Instead of seeing the knot you see a wrapped piece of ribbon on the front. You also can't pull the ribbon apart by pulling on the tails. I also found myself waisting less ribbon by not having long tails that had to be cut. I was only cutting 1/4" off each end to make them even and proportional for the bow. If you like long tails that is easy to do also.

At only $10.00 this is an affortable solution to those others who are bow impaired like me or a great gift for someone who loves ribbon. You can purchase one from They also have stamping and scrapping t-shirts and mugs, templates for tins, and roller guides in shapes along with many other great products we all like to use.

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rebecca said...

I just bought a drill press at a garage sale and may have to make one of these as my first project. I know I'm odd....