Sunday, September 6, 2009

Decor Elements

About a year ago Stampin' Up! expanded into Decor Elements. These are vinyl art for your walls. Actually they can go on more than just your walls. They can also go on glass or other home decorative items like candles, lampshades, or mirrors. This is only a small number of items you can use decor elements on.

I purchased the Ginormous Flowers MONTHS ago for my daughters bedroom wall. I am sad to say that I waited a long time to put them up out of fear it would be too hard. Boy was I stupid. These are SOOOOOO easy to do. You rub one side of the element to transfer it to the paper. Peel off the backing paper. Place it on your wall. Then rub the other side of the paper to transfer it too your wall. I put all these flowers up in less than two hours, even while fighting my two boys from being in my way and playing with the flowers. You can't even see all of them in the photo. (I was trying not to show too much of my daughters messy room.

The decor elements are designed to go on flat surfaces. My walls, however, are textured in a stucco style. The elements went up easily. As I added each layer, they got easier to apply. I did have to push some areas down with my finger to get the edges into the crevises on the wall.

If you have not yet checked out the Definitely Decorative catalog, you can download it here. The catalog also has a selection of stencils in our exclusive SU! designs. You can order the Decor Elements, Stencils or any other SU! product online 24/7 at My Stampin' Up! Website. As always feel free to contact me with any questions you have about SU! products or my SU! events.

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