Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monet Technique

The art of Monet has soft lines and blured colors. With the Monet Technique we can get the same effect with our stamping. It works best if you use solid color images so the blured lines still have some sense of shape. Larger images work better than smaller ones.
There are a couple of versions of Monet Stamping. Here are the basic steps for the one I used.
1.) Wet watercolor paper with water spritzer. Be sure to wet thouroughly.
2.) Stamp images using classic ink onto wet watercolor paper. If image is too dry spray with water, if too dry dab with paper towel. (I added a little more water and then dabbed so it didn't run too much)
3.) Cover entire area with thick embossing powder. (I used glassy glaze enamel from SU!)
4.) Heat EP.
5.) Repeat steps 3&4 till entire paper has a think coat of EP. You can use versamark to make the EP stick between layers. Simply drag the versamark pad over entire image and then pour on the EP.
6.) Let cool thouroughly. (You can place into fridge to help cool faster)
7.) Bend the paper to create break lines where you wish to acheive a cracked glass effect.
8.) (optional) sponge dark ink into grooves to help cracks show better. (when I did this it also gave a frosted overcoat effect to the whole piece.
9.) Finish card as desired

I cut my Monet panel into pieces and layered onto contrasting cardstock that was spounged with color on the edges. The ribbon and tag finish it off. My colors are all from the Rich Regal family except for the Mustard ribbon.

Stamps: In the Spotlight, Holidays & Wishes

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