Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fabulous Mounting Tip

Before I tell you what it is, I admit to taking no claim on this idea. I was searching thru the SCS forums for something else and came across this great tip.
Do you have a stamp with several sayings on it that you would like to split up? Maybe you have recently aquired the Level 1 hostess set "So Many Sayings" and want to cut it into individual sayings instead of three big blocks. Now the problem....what do you mount all of these sayings to? FABULOUS MOUNTING TIP>>> Mount them on Jenga Blocks or dominoes. Both can be aquired at many dollar stores. The stickers from "So Many Sayings" will fit on the side of the dominoe. Mount the rubber on the large flat side. Then you can stand them up in the box to easily find the one you are looking for. It is advisable to sand the object before mounting the rubber. It is hard to stick things to the slick surface. Just ruff it up with some sandpaper and it should stick better.
Just in case you have not heard this one....Many little quirky stamps come with a cute little saying under the picture. If you commonly find yourself using the pictures and sentiment from a stamp separately, you can mount them separately without needing more blocks. Put the sentiment on the side or end of the block. You can even place the sticker on the other end.
Thank you to reneejul1 for the dominoe tip.

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