Thursday, October 22, 2009

Progressive page with My Digital Studio

A progressive page generally starts as a smaller sized layout. That smaller layout is taken and put onto a larger layout. My Digital Studio has Five different layout sizes available. 5x5, 8x8, 8.5x11, 11x8.5, and 12x12. The most traditional progressive page would be to start with a 6x6, layer in onto an 8.5x11, then layer that onto a 12x12. Since My Digital Studio doesn't come with a 6x6, I started with a 5x5.

The 5x5 was simple to put together. It came as a Designer Template with my School Days II download the other day. I added the photo and put in my text below the photo in the predetermined place. I saved this project as a jpg so I could insert it into a second project.

For the Progressive part I did layer it onto an 8.5x11 and then a 12x12. I created a new 12x12 project. I made a cardstock layer of 8.5x11, then I added a photo box and resized it to be 5x5. I inserted the original smaller layout into the photo box. On the second page of the album I started with a full 12x12 background and copied the objects from the first page to the next.
I moved the objects so they were more suited to the 12x12 finished size and added several new elements. Many of the objects are stamps. The stars were resized and made different colors. The numbers at the bottom of the page is a stamp over and over. The letters above the ribbon is a stamp, as well is the sissors. There is some stitching between the two right side photos. This is found in the embelishments section. I added the text "The Learning Tree" and stamped the tree from yet another stamp set.

When you do traditional scrapbooking you adhere all of your objects to the page. If you start with a smaller page and progressively make it larger you are constricted to where objects are already adhered. With My Digital Studio you can easily move the objects around as necessary. I was able to move the tree and Title over to make more room for the extra photos. It is hard to tell, but the original 5x5 and large star were also moved to make room.
I have done all of my requirements for becoming a certified demonstrator for My Digital Studio. The program is so user friendly Iwas able to learn most of it's capabilities by experimentation. I did learn some shortcuts for lineing up objects and moving more thanone thing at a time. I also learned all about making interactive projects and movies. I have some big thoughts in mind for what I can make with this new knowledge. Trust me you will be thrilled with a purchase of this software. I used to go through photos and say, "someday I will get around to scrapbooking that". Now I look for photos that I have not scrapbooked yet. I think I am going to work on a slideshow of first year photos of my children next.
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