Monday, February 4, 2008

More Rub-on ideas

Here are a few more projects that you can do with rub-ons.
The candle has two separate rub-ons. They are also from the Eastern Elegancy like yesterdays projects. I got the candle from the dollar store. The area around the rub-on is clear so it doesn't interfear with the candle colors underneith.
The fishbowl is also from the dollar store. I wrapped a piece of wide old olive grosgrain around the jar and then placed the rub-on just above the ribbon. The fram is also from the dollar store. (Do you see the trend?) I covered the frame with paper from "Berry Bliss". The flower in the 5 petal punch. It has a rub on in white placed on it. There is a rhinstone brad in the center and it is held to the ribbon with a glue dot. The design on the ribbon is also a rub-on. When putting rub-ons on ribbon the grosgrain works the best. I also found it helpful to rub across the ribbon instead of long ways.
Have fun with your rub-ons.

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