Friday, January 18, 2008

Pull-tops tins

Here is another tutorial I promissed. We made these tins at the open house I had a couple of weeks ago. We also made candy bar wrappers, but those are fairly self explanatory (just wrap cardstock around them and decorate).
*Materials Needed:
*Tin with Pull-top tab--anything that has a lip on the bottom, not a beveled edge will work. Most Del Monte cans have a pull-tap and a lip to the can.
*Something to fill the tin with
*Crystal Effects
*Cardstock or papers to cover the tin with
*Sticky Strip

1.) Cut off the bottom of the can with a safe edge can opener. You want to be able to replace the bottom of the can. Wash out the can of any food and dry thouroughly.
2.) Fill the can with your special treat. Glue the bottom back on using crystal effects. Just a little bit in the rim of the can will do. Wipe off any excess with a tissue.
3.) Sit that aside to dry for a few minutes. Make any extra tags or such to decorate your can.
4.) Measure the can height. Mesure in between the lips of the can. Cut your cardstock to fit around the tin. For mine the cardstock is cut 1-13/16" x 7-3/4". I also cut a pattern paper piece 1" x 7-3/4".
5.) Place sticky strip at the end of each strip of cardstock you plane to wrap around the can.
6.) Wrap the can with the paper. Very carefully pull off the red protective strip and adhear the paper to the can.
7.) Decorate the can as you wish.
8.) Give the tin away and watch as your friends wonder how you got the candy in there.
These are perfect party favors or gifts for a class. I buy the cans in bulk at Sam's Club and then empty the contents into a tupperware style container.
You can do the same thing with just about any size can. If there is no pull tab, they simply cut open the can to get out the surprise. Candles fit nicely into larger cans. Pack with a little tissue and you have a special unique gift.

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