Saturday, January 26, 2008


I havn't done anything with this technique in some time. Bleach can be used a couple of ways when paper crafting. You can use it to actually stamp with just like ink. (I will admit to not always getting the best results with this) OR you can use an aqua painter with bleach to discolor the paper after you have stamped on it.
The second would be the technique I used for this card using the SC152 sketch challenge. I first stamped the large flower from "Time Well Spent" onto the Groovy Guava card stock with Versamark ink. I then embossed it with Black EP. I wanted to add a few leaves to my card, so I masked off the flower and stamped/embossed the leaves.
Using my aqua painter I dipped the end in a small container of fresh bleach. Using frech bleach is important. Bleach goes bad over time and will not work as well. It is also not advisable to leave the bleach in your aqua painter. It can ruin the brush tip. Some have had different experiences with this, so it may also have to do with the weather in your area. I then colored with the bleach wherever I no longer wanted it to be Guava. I did this on most of the outline type areas and the leaves.
Each color of cardstock will react differently. Some will change color others with turn a white/gray shade. The Guava turns white. I wanted the leaves to be Wild Wassabi. I let the bleach areas fully dry and cleaned my aqua painter. I went back with my aqua painter dipped in water and colored the leaves with ink from my Wild Wassabi ink pad. To finish off the card I colored the little flowers on the sentiment Groovy Guava. The ribbon is the new stripped grosgrain ribbon. This one is Wild Wassabi.

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