Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clear Ornaments

Once I saw someone else's ornaments, I HAD to have this stamp set. I was sold at first sight. It has taken me a long time to finally make the ornaments the stamps were meant for , but well worth the cost of the stamp set.
I only had time to do two of them the other night, but they are fabulous. I have an ornament exchange next month at church. I am definitely taking one of these. I also think this will be part of my Christmas gift to the family.

1.) Stamp the image in Stazon onto transparency sheets.
2.) After it is dry-turn it over and color with sharpie markers. If you want white, use a Watercolor Wonder Crayon.
3.) Allow that to dry--then cut out the circle to fit inside the ornament. Leave a small tab at the top of the circle for easy placement into the ball.
4.) Coat the back with a thin layer of Crystal Effets. I put CE on one ornament and then squishes them together to get a nice even coat on both.
5.) Cover with Dazzaling Diamonds. Shake off excess. Allow to dry OVERNIGHT.
6.) Wipe off any more loose glitter with a small brush.
7.) Roll up and place inside a clean clear ornament. It will open on its own once inside. Use the tab to hold the circle in place.
8.) Spoon in some fake snow on both sides of the circle. Replace the top of the ornament being sure both prongs are on the same side.
9.) OPTIONAL--Tie ribbon to the top hanger of the ornament. I did not do that here.

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bonnie Brill said...

This is neat - printed it out - do you plan to have us make them at xmas. love you bunches - mom