Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mounting Stamps

I have been asked a few times recently to help mount stamps. Here is the process I use to mount my stamps.

The stamps come with 3 parts. The rubber, the stickers and the wood blocks.
The rubber on all current Stampin' Up! stamps come die cut. You simply punch them out of the rubber sheet. I start by arranging them on the wood blocks to be sure they all fit. Sometimes there are similar size blocks and stamps. By arranging them onto the wood first, you can be sure they will all fit before taking the protective backing off.
Then I attach all the stickers. Be sure the stickers go in the direction that the image fits best.Next I hold the block in my left hand (image side up) and the rubber in my right hand (image side up). Turn the rubber so it is a mirror image of the sticker. Sometimes you have to rotate the rubber so it mirrors the sticker image.Next I turn the block over (keeping the top the top and the bottom the bottom--I twist so the sides are now opposite) and place the rubber on the block.
When you are all done, there is a sticker label to put on the side of the clam shell box. I put mine on the left end so they stack neatly on my shelf. Some people put the label sticker on the spine so they can stand them up like books. It depends on your storage space.
OOPS! What do I do if I put my stamp on the wrong way? Do not panic. You can place the stamp in your microwave for 5-10 seconds to loosen the glue. Do this one at a time. Heat the stamp, peal and restick the rubber. This gives you the best chance of the glue sticking. If the glue becomes worn and won't restick you can use a little bit of Crystal Effects (found in the accessory section of the catalog) to glue the rubber back to the block.

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